Dear Instructors and Masters,

We are very excited for the support and sponsorship we have received from different vendors, companies and suppliers to make sure we offer you a great experience on our ITF Opened Tournament. This email represents a follow up communication for our big event.

Registrations will open in May 2019 and needs to be done online. Look out for our email with instructions on how to register during this month of April 2019.

We want to thank all of the schools that already responded to our emails and we will like to collect the information needed to start sending our invitation package which includes the following:

  • Tournament Poster
  • Tournament Flyer
  • Invitation Letter (Tournament information and lodging information)
  • Student Invitation Cards
  • T-Shirt Order Form

We encourage you to forward this official invitation to any other ITF Schools in your area. Please provide us with the following information below by replying back to this email:

  • Official School Name
  • Instructor Name and Rank
  • Mailing Address
  • Direct Phone Number (to confirm you received the package)
  • School Logo (to announce your participation in Social Media)
  • How many Student Invitation Cards you will need?
  • A video clip of your students training at your school and supporting the event. Please include the following script on the video:

“We are here training and ready to compete at the ITF tournament in Florida. We are (name of the school) from (city and state) and we support the Sunshine State ITF Open Tournament. See you there”.

“Estamos aqui entrenando y listos para competir en el torneo de la ITF en la Florida. Nosotros somos (nombre de la escuela) de (ciudad y estado) y apoyamos el Sunshine State ITF Open Tournament. Nos vemos alla”

We are looking forward to hear from you soon.

Warm Regards,

Emmanuel Reyes
Sunshine State ITF Tournament
P. 407-802-8550