Running an organized and professional event is not an easy task, we want to make sure our event run with minimal problems and that competitors, coaches, instructors and parents are always up to date of what is going on in and outside the ring. But most importantly that everyone meet new friends and have fun.


The event is FREE of charge for competitors that qualify. This category will be unique and because safety has always been our concern it will be a category of its own. Only students with disabilities will be allowed in this category and their performance will be on Patterns Only (No Sparring). For tournament purposes, ADD, ADHD or similar attention disorders or learning difficulties do not qualify for this category. All competitors in this category will be awarded a medal for their efforts.

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The Taekwon-Do Spirit category is open to all participating schools. The Taekwon-Do Spirit Award will be given to the school with the most pre-registered paid competitors participating in the tournament. For a competitor to be included in the total count they must be pre-registered and paid on or before registrations close. The winning school receives the following.

  • 24” Team Spirit Trophy
  • Reserved seating at the tournament for the team (seating will be limited based on venue)
  • 1 Large Pizza for the team
  • $200 in equipment/gear (retail price) for 2 students. Provided by our Sponsor Mightyfist.

* seating will be limited based on venue


Sunshine State ITF, LLC will give away five hundred dollars ($500) via check to the selected athlete that meets certain requirements and criteria. This is open to Black Belt athletes that are a high school junior, high school senior or college level student. Each school with 5 or more registered competitors can submit 2 qualifying students to receive this award. For more information please visit this link: Distinguished Athlete Award Rules.


This is a category for children 3 to 5 years old. This is a fun and exciting event that will challenge motor skills, stamina, and mind. The children will have a set of obstacles where they must perform different activities like crawl, jump, kick, balance and run as fast as they can. The kid with the faster time wins, but all competitors will receive a medal of participation.


The board breaking category is designed for students from ages 10 and up. This category will be divided by Age, Rank and Gender with a maximum competitor of 10 per division. Competitors will be awarded a small trophy for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place based on who obtain the maximum number of points.

The competitor must break the board using one hand technique (Knife Hand) and one foot technique (Side Kick, Back Side Kick or Step Behind Side Kick). The competitor will select from different colors of boards to obtain the highest point possible. Each student will have only one chance to break the boards with each technique.

Each board will award points based on their colors:
Yellow = 1 points
Green = 2 Points
Brown = 4 Points
Black = 5 Points


The TEST YOUR MIGHT (power breaking) category is designed for Black Belts that are 18 years old and older to demonstrate power and accuracy. This category will follow the same rules as the International Taekwon-Do Federation but adapted for an Open Tournament. This category will be divided by Age and Gender. Competitors will be awarded cash money for those who obtained the maximum number of points in the finals.

  • $100 for First Place
  • $50 for Second Place
  • $25 for Third Place


The patterns or tul's to be performed are the Chang Hon patterns. We will be using a scoring system that will help run the event smoothly and fairly for everyone participating. Two (2) competitors elimination systems will be used and patterns will be judged based on the correct Technique, Balance, Power and Overall.


The sparring will be a continuous point system where a 2 competitor elimination system will be used.  The competitor with the most points at the end of the round wins. We will be using a scoring system that will help run the event smoothly and fairly for everyone participating.