Get Ready to Make Your Spirit Stronger

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Making Your Spirit Stronger


It is an honor to invite you to our Sunshine State ITF Tournament in Orlando, Florida. The goal of this tournament is to improve the presence of International Taekwon-Do Federation in Florida and having practitioners enjoy a day of challenges, fun, achievements and great experiences. We would like to make the ITF TaeKwon-Do stronger by allowing the students to meet other students from different schools and build new friendships. We also want to unify families that support the same passion, and Instructors to share their experiences and knowledge with others. Our tournaments are different, professional and always with the student in mind, giving back to their hard and dedicated training. We hope you enjoy our event and support us in this journey.





Official Sponsor

MightyFist Taekwon-Do is our official sponsor,  they share the same passion and understanding of our goals: to unify the ITF students under one event. They became part of our team and together we are going to work on motivation, sport, recognition and spreading the Taekwon-Do energy that unite us all. With their website doboks.com they provide anything you need to pack your Dojang with gear, uniforms, training equipment and more. We are excited that they join us in this journey, and help all the instructors and students with their great variety of items and their professional customer service.

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