On May 11 we hosted our Test Your Might event which is a Board and Power Breaking tournament. This event allows students to test their power and technique, have fun and challenge each other. This has been another successful event that we decided to be included in our program for our Sunshine State ITF Open Tournament this year.

We had two types of Categories, Board Breaking for all color belts students and also the Power Breaking for black belt students. The competition was great, and students demonstrated how much it takes to break those boards. To the point that we invited some of the parents to try and break those boards and they also had fun. In general, it was a great day, and we want to thank everyone who participated.

  • Master Golino from World Class Taekwon-Do
  • Master Zapata from ITO
  • Mrs. Brooks from Brooks Martial Arts
  • Mr. Reyes from DO-Martial Arts
  • All parents and students that supported this event.