Requirements and Qualifications

This information is also in the Tournament Handbook under the same section.

VII. Distinguished Athlete Award

Sunshine State ITF, LLC will give away five hundred dollars ($500) via check to the selected athlete that meet certain requirements and criteria described below. This is opened to Black Belt athletes that are a high school junior, high school senior or college level student. Each school with 5 or more registered competitors can submit 2 qualifying students to receive this award.

Qualifying Student Requirement:

  • Be a Black Belt student.
  • Be a junior high school, senior high school, or college level student.
  • 2 references of recommendation (School Teacher & TKD Instructor).
  • Registered and compete at a Sunshine Tournament.

The candidate most submits a four hundred (400) to six hundred (600) word essay that includes:

  • Cover page information
    • Full Name
    • Age
    • Current Grade Level
    • Taekwon-Do School Name & Instructor
    • Number of years training Taekwon-Do
  • Choose one of the three topics and write in his or her own words about:
    • How has Taekwondo changed my life?
    • How have you contributed to your community?
    • How would you influence someone else to join Taekwon-Do?

Essays with cursing or inappropriate language will be disqualified. Essays that fall under or go over the word count will not be considered. The essays must be submitted no later than August 31 of the current year, essays received after this date will not be considered. One hundred percent (100%) of the score is based on the content of the essay.