On February 4th Sunshine State ITF organized a Training for our upcoming Board Breaking Tournament. We want to thank the students that showed interest and participated, as well as instructors who supported this event. The purpose of this event was to establish the rules that will become official for our Board Breaking event. We discussed, commented, participated and shared opinions about the rules, most students gave us feedback of how they felt with the rules, we listened to their comments and we practiced to make it happen.

After some trial and error, we finally reached the end of what will become the official rules. Now these rules will be added to the Sunshine State ITF Handbook and be part of our program. We want to thank the following students that helped us polish the rules and make them as fair as possible.

  • Riley Grubb
  • Bobby Jackson
  • Daymon Shoop
  • Aiden Howell
  • Carlos Diaz
  • Matthew Ramos
  • Samantha Mendez
  • Jae Rivera
  • Joshua Ridley

To the instructors:

  • Master Zapata
  • Sabumnim Brooks
  • Sabumnim Mendez
  • Sabumnim Reyes