Running an organized and professional event is not an easy task, we want to make sure our event run with minimal problems and that competitors, coaches, instructors and parents are always up to date of what is going on in and outside the ring. But most importantly that everyone meet new friends and have fun.


This is a FREE event for students with down syndrome or other qualifying special needs. The competitors will participate on a Pattern Category and a Exhibition Sparring Category if there are more practitioners on that division. The tournament directors will work with school owners to coordinate divisions and pairings for any special needs competitors. For tournament purposes, ADD, ADHD or similar attention disorders do not qualify for this category.


The Team Spirit Award competition is open for all schools that are participating at the event. The award will be given to the schools with the most paid competitors and will receive:

  • 24" Team Award Trophy.
  • Reserved seating at the tournament for the team. *
  • 1 Large Pizza just for the team.
  • $200.00 in equipment and gear (retail price) for 2 students. Provided by our Sponsor Migthyfist.

* seating will be limited based on venue


This is a category for children 3 to 5 years old. This is a fun and exciting event that will challenge motor skills, stamina, and mind. The children will have a set of obstacles where they must perform different activities like crawl, jump, kick, balance and run as fast as they can. The kid with the faster time wins, but all competitors will receive a medal of participation.


The board breaking category is designed for students from ages 10 to 17. This category will be divided by Age, Rank and Gender with a maximum competitor of 10 per division. Competitors will be awarded a small trophy for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place based on who obtain the maximum number of points.

The competitor must break the board using one hand technique (Knife Hand) and one foot technique (Side Kick, Back Side Kick or Step Behind Side Kick). The competitor will select from different colors of boards to obtain the highest point possible. Each student will have only one chance to break the boards with each technique.

Each board will award points based on their colors:
Yellow = 1 points
Green = 2 Points
Brown = 3 Points
Black = 5 Points


The patterns or tul's to be performed are the Chang Hon patterns. We will be using a scoring system that will help run the event smoothly and fairly for everyone participating. Two (2) competitors elimination system will be use and patterns will be judged based on the correct Technique, Balance, Power and Overall.


The sparring will be a continues point system where a 2 competitor elimination system will be used.  The competitor with the most points at the end of the round wins. We will be using a scoring system that will help run the event smoothly and fairly for everyone participating.